About Me


I’m Only Ordinary Girls who was born on Semarang, July 25th, 1996

Yeahh, I’m 96liners.. 5 years younger than Key oppa, 10 years younger than Junsu oppa, and 12 years younger than Yesung oppa

No problem^^


Okay, I love K-Pop since 2007, at my last year of Elementary School,, and amazing at 5 years, I become a REAL K-Pop lovers

I’m Cassiopeia, ELF and Shawol

I love all about hallyu^^ First time, I saw a korean drama when I was 5 years old. This drama titled endless love^^


Okay, That’s all about Me,,

Maybe sometimes I can pick my photo, You know, I’m silly to upload my face^^

If you want contact me, just comment on this page,,




#Ps. I’m Indonesian, you can speak with me with Indonesian, Javanese, and English recently I’m study chinese in my school, but I think until I’m on university I never speak with chinese with another people^^



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. QuinAegyoMin says:

    annyeong, Rifka imnida, 97liner ^^
    Shawol dan ELF juga, hoho

    bisa bhasa jawa? Kamu tinggal dimana?

    Ohya, boleh nanya? *ngacung*
    nama kamu siapa? Ga ada namanya tuh :O #plak

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