Language Learning 101 : Korean Resources

Hi, I’m back with a new post!

A bit story of my Korean language journey, I started learning Korean since 2012. At that time, I only learn how to read Hangul, and manage to learn a little bit pattern from

However, I failed to manage my spare time to learn Korean >.< I’m too lazy to study subject aside from my school subject.

Now, I have a lot of time to spend with. I only manage 1 project which is my undergraduate thesis. So here are some material of Korean language that I will share with you


Here are top 7 websites that I suggest to you to learn Korean!

1. Free ebook from Korean Foundation

This is an official ebook from Korea Government, and it is Free! Unfortunately this book only available on Indonesian, Mongolian, Kazakh, and Viet. There are 6 books for each language, level 1-2 is the beginner, level 3-4 is the intermediate, level 5-6 is the advanced level.

So far this is my main resource to learn Korean. I use the Indonesian version and easily understandable for an ultimate beginner. The downside from this resource is that is not available in English.

You can access it from HERE


2. King Sejong Insitute Website

This website also provides FREE comprehensive Korean Online Courses as well as the e-book. Personally, I haven’t try to take a course there, but I heard many good reviews for their courses. The downside from this website is that you should have a connection to access their resources because they won’t let you download it. I think that is okay as long as you live in the country with high-speed internet/ cheap internet, not like my country.

You can access it form HERE


3. Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK)

This is the first website that I use to learn Korean! They provide a lot of Courses, Videos, and they also offered Korean Book. I don’t use it anymore because I’m lazy to download each course one by one.

I heard many good reviews about their Package. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it for now. Well, the good side is they offer to ship to USA, and many other countries.

You can access it from HERE


4. How to study Korean

This website has similar methods with TTMIK. They currently have 6 units to learn :

Unit 0: Learning How to Read

Unit 1: Basic Korean Grammar

Unit 2: Lower-Intermediate Korean Grammar

Unit 3: Intermediate Korean Grammar

Unit 4: Upper-Intermediate Korean Grammar

Unit 5: Lower-Advanced Korean Grammar

Unit 6: Advanced Korean Grammar

You can access it HERE


5. Duolingo

If you are a linguist freak, you must knew this application! This application helps you to recall the material with a quiz. However, I found out that I will be difficult if you don’t have any foundation to use this application. I suggest you use this application as a supplementary material. The good side of this application, is they are available in a lot of platforms. You can access from PC Website, Android, and iOS.

For PC Platform you can acces HERE


6. Memrise

Memrise is an application that helps you to memorize most of the vocabularies world. They have the community that keeps growing and providing most of the free flashcards.

Tips: If you use the Android version, make sure to open it first with PC version to open the community courses and add it to your courses. You can’t add community courses use your Android Version. (I don’t know about the iOS because I only use Android)

For PC Platform you can acces HERE


7. Korean-Topik Blog

This is one of the blogs who helps to gathers the unofficial ebook. They have a lot of book, and materials as well.

My favourites book from this website is Korean Grammar for Beginner series, and the Yonsei Korean Book.

You can check HERE



저는 한국말 공부하세요 (I study Korean!)


My Notes Taking^^


Actually, this is a random post. I just want to tell you that I officially start to learn Korean seriously. I really love Korean drama, K-pop since more than 10 years ago. And I can’t remember when did I first time started to learn Kore an.

I was inspired by the Polyglot Group on Facebook. Let say that now I only can speak using 3 languages, Indonesian, English, and Javanese (even it’s only for the ‘Ngoko’ language). I feel like 3 language proficiencies are just the average number of languages that people can use. So, I decided to jump for my 4th language.

Why I choose Korean?

It is simply because I love Oppa!

Hahaha, no.. Some of my Korean “Oppa” has already learned English. So, I just learn Korean because I want to learn Korean. And one of my biggest dreams is moving to Korean 😀

Well, my dream to moving out to Korea doesn’t relate at all with my K-pop or K-Drama obsession, I will write in other post. I also want to share my journey to learn Korean from now on and share the method that I use. But I have not decided which platform that I will share, probably this wordpress or tumblr.  This is that I can say now, see you on my next post 🙂 안녕히계세요



Life Updates! About Yogyakarta and University


Probably it’s my first time here to make a life update on this blog! Since I wrote my friendship life during my high school with R-ceTe :p I missed that moment, it’s been 5 years already (now I feel so old 555)

What I want to share in this blog is about my current experience to live alone independent! Yeah, I just started to living separately from my parent since my college life on 2014.


Being Independent or Alone? LOL (This photo was taken before I increase my weight)

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