The Great Seducer/Tempted Review (until episode 12)


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The Great Seducer Official Promotional Photo^^


Hi, this is my first quick review of this Drama.

I watched this drama because I’m curious about Moon Ga Young and Joy’s acting. I watched their previous drama (Moon Ga Young – Mimi as Mimi, and Joy – The Liar and His Lover as Yoon So Rim). Before I watched this drama, I read many comments about Joy’s acting. They said that Joy’s acting wasn’t that too impressive and lack of confidence. And most of the comments praise Moon Ga Young’s acting and asked why she didn’t get the lead role. Continue reading


Language Learning 101 : Korean Resources

Hi, I’m back with a new post!

A bit story of my Korean language journey, I started learning Korean since 2012. At that time, I only learn how to read Hangul, and manage to learn a little bit pattern from

However, I failed to manage my spare time to learn Korean >.< I’m too lazy to study subject aside from my school subject.

Now, I have a lot of time to spend with. I only manage 1 project which is my undergraduate thesis. So here are some material of Korean language that I will share with you


Here are top 7 websites that I suggest to you to learn Korean! Continue reading

Life Updates! About Yogyakarta and University


Probably it’s my first time here to make a life update on this blog! Since I wrote my friendship life during my high school with R-ceTe :p I missed that moment, it’s been 5 years already (now I feel so old 555)

What I want to share in this blog is about my current experience to live alone independent! Yeah, I just started to living separately from my parent since my college life on 2014.


Being Independent or Alone? LOL (This photo was taken before I increase my weight)

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